Deep Isolation signs mentor-protégé agreement with WIPP contractor

February 28, 2023, 3:02PMRadwaste Solutions
The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in southeastern New Mexico. (Photo: DOE)

Waste management startup Deep Isolation announced that it has entered into a mentor-protégé agreement with Salado Isolation Mining Contractors (SIMCO), the new Bechtel National–led management and operations contractor for the Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico.

According to Deep Isolation, establishing a mentor-protégé relationship with WIPP will enhance the company’s capabilities in the areas of performance assessment, licensing requirements, and permit compliance for nuclear waste disposal operations on behalf of the DOE. Deep Isolation added that development in these areas will improve the company’s ability to win contracts to dispose of nuclear waste using its deep borehole technology.

They said it: “This is an important milestone for Deep Isolation because it will allow us to add capacity on many of the elements that need to happen for a large disposal contract,” said Deep Isolation chief executive officer and cofounder Liz Muller. “We are excited to work with SIMCO and the team from Bechtel and look forward to doing everything we can to assist with the effective and safe operations of the WIPP facility.”

Rick Kacich, operations manager for Bechtel National, is responsible for the mentor-protégé relationship, and stated, “We have been working with Deep Isolation since 2019, and are impressed with their approach to innovation, with the prospect of improving safety and reducing cost. We are delighted to assist them with building capacity through this mentor-protégé relationship.”

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