AECL seeks M&O contractor for CNL

October 3, 2022, 9:30AMANS Nuclear Cafe
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (Photo: AECL)

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) has published a request for expressions of interest to manage and operate Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL). The request is available on the MERX website.

According to AECL, the objective of the procurement and the resulting contract is to contain or reduce costs and risks for Canadian taxpayers while leveraging CNL’s capabilities and resources for Canadians.

Expressions of interest must be submitted via MERX on or before October 26, 2022.

Candidates: AECL is seeking from potential M&O candidates their interest, experience, and capability to manage and operate CNL under a government-owned, contractor-operated contracting model after the current contract ends in September 2025.

Responses received will be used in the development of a procurement plan to decide if and how AECL will proceed with a procurement to award a follow-on contract.

Focus areas: CNL is focused on three areas:

  • Managing radioactive waste, environment remediation, and nuclear decommissioning responsibilities.
  • Performing science and technology activities to meet core federal responsibilities.
  • Supporting Canadian industry, both nuclear and other, through access to science and technology facilities and expertise on a commercial basis.

Current contract: CNL has been managed under a contract since September 2015 by Canadian National Energy Alliance, a consortium of three partner companies: SNC-Lavalin, Jacobs Engineering, and Fluor Federal Services.

Some details: AECL owns the sites, facilities, assets, liabilities, and intellectual property of CNL, while CNL is responsible for the day-to-day management and operations of those assets and holds the nuclear site licences.

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