NRC to consider GE Hitachi’s application to renew the Morris ISFSI license

July 2, 2021, 12:07PMRadwaste Solutions
Aerial view of the Morris Operation in Illinois. (Image: GE Hitachi)

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has begun its review of GE Hitachi’s application to renew the license of its Morris Operation, the spent nuclear fuel storage facility in Grundy County, Ill. Notice of the 20-year license renewal application, along with an opportunity to request a hearing or petition for leave to intervene by August 30 was published in the June 30 Federal Register.

The current license for the Morris independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) expires on May 31, 2022. If approved, the license renewal will allow GE Hitachi to continue to store spent fuel at the facility under 10 CFR Part 72 through May 2042.

This is the second time GE Hitachi has applied to renew the Morris ISFSI license for a 20-year term. The company submitted the current renewal application in June 2020.

Morris history: Formerly the Midwest Fuel Recovery Plant, the Morris ISFSI was originally designed as a spent fuel reprocessing plant. The Atomic Energy Commission licensed the plant in 1971 but terminated the plant’s construction permit three years later. The NRC issued the Morris ISFSI its first 20-year license in 1982, and GE filed to renew the license for a second 20-year term in 2000.

The facility stores spent fuel from the Connecticut Yankee, Cooper, Dresden, Monticello, and San Onofre nuclear power plants in two interconnected, water-filled basins. The basins are full, and the facility has not received any new spent fuel since 1989.

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