ANS awards nearly 80 scholarships for the 2021–2022 academic year

June 7, 2021, 3:00PMANS News

This year, the American Nuclear Society Scholarship Policy and Coordination Committee, the ANS divisions, and the ANS local sections have awarded 78 scholarships for the 2021–2022 academic year. The scholarships total to $203,000 of support for students pursuing degrees in nuclear science and technology.

Supporting ANS scholarships

To help educate and train the next generation of the nuclear workforce, ANS encourages donations to the Society’s numerous scholarships programs. A description of each scholarship and a convenient online donation form, which allows donors to designate their contributions to support specific awards, are accessible online.

Thank you to all the donors who have generously supported our scholarship programs. Your generosity has allowed ANS to fund 50 percent of the students who applied for scholarships in the past year.

Following are the scholarships awarded:

Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE)

Zachary T. Deziel, NASA

Robert B. Renfrow, Lipscomb University

NEED scholarships

Nontraditional Student Scholarships

Teyen Widdicombe, University of Idaho

John and Muriel Landis Scholarships

Madison N. Allen, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

Madison N. Bushloper, University of Florida

Alexander S. Hauck, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Miriam A. Kreher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ryan P. McGuire, Virginia Commonwealth University

Gibson D. Prall, University of New Mexico

Sierra A. Tutwiler, Virginia Commonwealth University

Community college/trade school scholarships

Kent Hamlin Memorial Scholarship

Micheal J. Bircher, Columbia Basin College

Thomas C. Oberhausen, Lakeland Community College

Undergraduate scholarships

ANS Incoming Freshman scholarships

Tucker H. Bundy, Idabel High School (Okla.)

Sarah E. Cole, Mountain View High School (Idaho)

Rory M. Coll, Leonardtown High School (Md.)

Alexander T. Edwards, Bob Jones High School (Ala.)

Carly E. Evans, Walled Lake Northern (Mich.)

Jonathan Liu, Saint Joseph High School (Ind.)

Lane M. Scheel, Palmyra-Eagle High School (Wis.)

Michael Shiwbaran, Central Park East High School (N.Y.)

Jasmine C. Walker, Copley High School (Ohio)

Gabriel W. Watson, Anderson County High School (Tenn.)

ANS Undergraduate (Sophomore) scholarships

William A. Graham, North Carolina State University

ANS Undergraduate (Junior/Senior) scholarships

Christian A. Arguello, University of New Mexico

Hayden S. Bland, North Carolina State University

Anthony G. Bowers, University of Massachusetts–Lowell

Grayson S. Gall, North Carolina State University

Jacob M. Halpern, Purdue University

Tyler J. Lewis, Purdue University

Charles McSwain, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

Robert H. Mendleski, Texas A&M University

Mitchell L. Mika, University of Florida

Kogan L. Powell, Utah State University

Anthony F. Tom, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

Angelo F. Bisesti Memorial Scholarship

Noah M. Higgins, North Carolina State University

Raymond DiSalvo Memorial Scholarship

Alisa K. Machiwalla, Kennesaw State University

William R. & Mila Kimel Nuclear Engineering Scholarship

Jack W. Fletcher, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Laura J. Shi, University of California–Berkeley

John R. Lamarsh Memorial Scholarship

Kaylee M. Cunningham, University of Florida

Abigail M. Davis, North Carolina State University

Hans P. Loewen Memorial Scholarship

Sophia L. Morton, Oregon State University

Accelerator Applications Division Scholarship

Noah M. Higgins, North Carolina State University

Operations and Power Division Scholarship

Benjamin M. McNeely, University of Massachusetts–Lowell

Katy J. Worrell, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

Fusion Energy Division Dr. Kenneth R. Schultz Undergraduate Scholarship

Joshua M. Hoffman, University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

Broderick M. Sieh, Kansas State University (honorable mention)

Rudi Stamm’ler Reactor Physics Division Scholarship

Timothy M. Kiefer, North Carolina State University

Graduate scholarships

ANS Graduate scholarships

Eli J. Boland, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Adam Darr, Purdue University

Ahmed Moustafa, North Carolina State University

Kathryn A. Mummah, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Rittu S. Raju, University of Michigan

Ashley R. Raster, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Ghada Shkoukani Alqous, North Carolina State University

Sarah R. Stevenson, University of California–Berkeley

Samuel O. Webster, North Carolina State University

Paige K. Witter, Colorado State University

Everitt P. Blizard Graduate Scholarship

Madeline L. Lockhart, North Carolina State University

Robert A. Dannels Memorial Scholarship

Emily H. Vu, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences Division Graduate Scholarship

Abdulsalam I. Shakhatreh, Virginia Tech

Ely M. Gelbard Graduate Scholarship

Hadyn Kistle, Texas A&M University

Alan F. Henry/Paul A. Greebler Memorial Scholarship

William C. Dawn, North Carolina State University

Gavin K. Ridley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lawrence E. Hochreiter Graduate Scholarship

Adam Kraus, Pennsylvania State University

Saul Levine Memorial Scholarship

Katelyn C. Cook, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Michael J. Lineberry Graduate Scholarship

Kaelee A. Novich, Boise State University

Nuclear Criticality Safety Pioneers Scholarship

Kristin N. Stolte, Texas A&M University

Fuel Cycle & Waste Management Division John D. Randall Scholarship

Hannah K. Patenaude, University of Nevada–Las Vegas

James F. Schumar Scholarship

Lorenzo Vergari, University of California–Berkeley

Robert E. Uhrig Graduate Scholarship

Vincent P. Paglioni, University of Maryland

Vogt Radiochemistry Scholarship

Madison N. Allen, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

Local Section scholarships

ANS Oak Ridge/Knoxville Local Section Graduate Scholarship

Madison S. Ratner, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

ANS Oak Ridge/Knoxville Local Section Undergraduate Scholarship

Madison N. Allen, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

ANS Pittsburgh Local Section Graduate Scholarship

Miriam A. Kreher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

ANS Pittsburgh Local Section Undergraduate Scholarship

Veronica Heyl, North Carolina State University

Washington, D.C., Local Section George P. Shultz and James W. Behrens Graduate Scholarship

Arturo Cabral, Virginia Commonwealth University

William Searight, Pennsylvania State University

Washington, D.C., Local Section Jeffrey A. Gorman Undergraduate Scholarship

Joshua M. Hoffman, University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

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