Elementary school resources added to Navigating Nuclear

October 21, 2020, 3:00PMANS News

Elementary school lesson plans are the latest additions to the Navigating Nuclear: Energizing Our World website. The two lesson plans were created to help students in grades 3-5 understand the power of the atom and how to investigate different energy sources.

Navigating Nuclear is a K-12 nuclear science and energy curriculum created in partnership by the American Nuclear Society and Discovery Education, with lead funding from the Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy.

The new material: “Amazing Atoms” is a 45-minute plan that includes a short video to help grasp just how small an atom is. Students will simulate an atom’s structure as they take on the role of neutrons, protons, and electrons. They will be led to understand that there are different kinds of atoms and that these different atoms contribute to everything around us.

In “Exploring Energy,” students will be challenged to investigate different energy sources as they seek to find an electricity solution for a remote location. The students will be introduced to nuclear power, wind power, and fossil fuels through images, a video, and a simulation.

Notes: Navigating Nuclear provides educators with standards-aligned resources to connect students to the many fact-based applications of nuclear technology. Students will use nuclear science principles to explore medicine, geology, energy, astronomy, and more.

With the addition of the elementary resources, the website now contains education resources for all three levels of students: high school, middle school, and elementary.

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