A cryosorption panel test arrangement was installed in the Cryogenic Forevacuum (CF) Subsystem of the Active Gas Handling System (AGHS) at JET. The pump panels were of ITER relevant design in terms of geometry and dimension, coating and sorbent material. The central objective of this investigation was to study, for the first time in such an in-depth and parametric way, the interaction of tritium and tritiated gas mixtures with the panel and the influence on pumping performance and regeneration characteristics. This paper describes how the pump was implemented in the system and summarizes the major experimental results obtained in a two-staged programme: First, the test set-up was used to pump process gases under the Trace Tritium Campaign at JET; secondly, a dedicated test campaign was performed with defined external supply of tritium via a U-bed. It is highlighted that the ITER cryosorption pumping concept achieves highest pumping speeds for tritium. No show-stoppers have been identified.