ANS President Eric Loewen visits Eastern Carolinas Section

December 8, 2011, 7:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

On Monday, December 5, American Nuclear Society president Eric Loewen visited the ANS Eastern Carolinas Section.


Lisa Marshall, chair of the section, said, "It was wonderful to have Eric visit us. He had an opportunity to meet with the [North Carolina State University Department of Nuclear Engineering] department head, Yousry Y. Azmy, and NCSU ANS Student Chapter executives before his presentation. He also chatted with me about the Eastern Carolinas Section."

About 24 students, and 60 persons in all, attended Loewen's presentation, "The Political Dimension of America's Nuclear Future." Loewen's talk was very well received, and highlighted the socio-political complexities of nuclear science and technology. "The importance of INVOLVEMENT in the political process was an underlying theme of the presentation," said Marshall.


"As a faculty advisor at NCSU, I know how very valuable it is to have the national president visit. He was able to give both a macro- and micro-analysis, and serve as an example to up-and-coming students and young professionals of the various opportunities open to them. He provided the much-needed national/DC perspective of what we are living day-to-day," said Marshall.

When asked about the event, Loewen added, "The Eastern Carolinas region is a leading location worldwide in terms of nuclear expertise and power production-and the Eastern Carolinas section of ANS is likewise a very active section of our national ANS organization. It was definitely a pleasure to meet with the members of the section, and the very enthusiastic NCSU student section as well, and to exchange views and perspectives on national issues facing our industry and society as a whole."

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