ANS president Eric Loewen visits The City College of New York

October 27, 2011, 6:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

Eric Loewen, president of the American Nuclear Society, on October 13 visited the new ANS Student Section at The City College of New York (CCNY). Loewen presented talks on "Fukushima and the Role of Past Severe Accident Research" and "The American Nuclear Society President's Special Committee on Used Nuclear Fuel Management Options" to an audience of more than 50 faculty members and students. (Loewen's previous visit to CCNY, in February 2011, is detailed here).

"President Loewen's return to The City College of New York was another highly anticipated and popular event," said Charles Sosa, president of the CCNY student section. "The positive response was enormous and encouraged a number of students to enroll in our reactor physics course for the coming spring semester!"

From left, Matthew Rich (vice president), Ignacio Garca (treasurer), Masahiro Kawaji (faculty advisor), Eric Loewen, Charles Sosa (president), and Fahad Chaudhury (treasurer)

In addition, Loewen presented the CCNY student section with its ANS certificate of inauguration. About 30 students are members of the new group. "We as a student section are steadfast in our commitment to educating our local student population on the benefits of nuclear technology for peaceful applications, and hosting President Loewen is an important part of that commitment to education," said Sosa. "The section expresses its gratitude for his informative, engaging, and fact-driven presentations on topics that are often misrepresented and therefore controversial."

Loewen, when asked about the visit, said, "The vitality of our professional society is demonstrated by our active student sections, and nothing shows the promise of nuclear science and technology more than events like this one. The students at CCNY are so committed to the community and to ANS that they formed this new chapter, and I'm proud that one of my duties as president is to welcome them to the society."

Loewen the following day visited and presented to the ANS Student Section at the United States Military Academy at West Point-his fourth visit to student groups since taking over the presidency in June this year (press release). It was his first visit as ANS president to a service academy, where he was able to meet with students in the academy's newly-inaugurated nuclear engineering program.

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