Digital control system installed at China’s Linglong One

April 26, 2024, 9:30AMNuclear News
The digital control system was installed at Linglong One earlier this month. (Photo: CNNC)

Earlier this month, the first digital control system was put in place at Linglong One, a small modular reactor demonstration project being built at the Changjiang nuclear power plant in Hainan Province. This is the world’s first land-based commercial SMR and is controlled by China National Nuclear Power Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

Digital technologies can be used to combine safety functions along with improved control and increased operational efficiency in nuclear reactors. The first cabinet of Linglong One’s digital control system—known as the “nerve center” of the plant—was installed on April 10 and could pave the way for similar systems to be used around the globe.

Linglong One, an ACP100 reactor, is expected to generate about 1 billion kilowatt-hours annually, enough for about 526,000 households. It is the first SMR to get approval from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

About the project: The SMR’s dual-platform digital control system provides operators with real-time information and diagnostics to allow for timely intervention and decision-making in the event of an anomaly or emergency. Together, the platforms control hundreds of systems within the nuclear power plant, nearly 10,000 equipment operations, and various operating conditions.

The two Chinese-developed platforms of the digital control system are Dragon Scale and Dragon Fin. Dragon Scale, the safety-level platform, monitors safety control under various working conditions and ensures the safe operation of the nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, the non–safety level Dragon Fin platform is responsible for operation and management to guarantee the efficient and economical operation of the nuclear power plant.

The first Dragon Fin platform cabinet put in place at Linglong One was specially developed by CNNC for large nuclear facilities, like power plants. According to the company, this platform inherits and develops the nuclear power instrumentation and control experience and key technologies accumulated by CNNC over the years, integrating the latest advanced technologies such as data collection, process control, large-scale networking, and information management to meet the requirements of high reliability and safety of nuclear facilities.

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