Bechtel debuts Warsaw office to support Polish foray into nuclear power

September 19, 2023, 7:00AMNuclear News

Reston, Va.–based Bechtel—the engineering, procurement, construction, and project management firm partnering with Westinghouse to deliver Poland its first nuclear power plant—recently announced the opening of an office in Warsaw to support the project.

Bechtel is actively looking to fill positions at the new office in engineering, safety, procurement, supply chain, project controls, and finance, according to the September 10 announcement. As plans for Poland’s nuclear program continue to move forward, the announcement stated, “Bechtel will grow its presence in the local area. Polish workers, as well as companies, both small and large, will play a significant role in the project. Bechtel will continue engaging with suppliers in Poland to help launch a new era of clean and secure energy for the nation.”

Pumped for Poland: “Building on Bechtel’s mission to build inspiring projects with extraordinary teams, we are excited to grow our team in Poland,” said Ahmet Tokpinar, principal vice president and general manager of Bechtel’s nuclear power business line. “Developing a strong nuclear workforce will support and sustain Poland’s energy goals. Everywhere we operate, it is our goal to leave a positive legacy. Bechtel’s new Warsaw office represents new opportunities to engage with the local community [and] potential employees and suppliers, and to build lasting partnerships as we help Poland meet its nuclear needs.”

In case you missed it: Bechtel, Westinghouse, and Polish utility Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe announced in May the signing of an agreement that defines the main principles of cooperation on the project’s design and construction and confirms the implementation of its next major stage.

Background: In February 2021, Poland’s Ministry of Climate and Environment announced the official adoption of the Energy Policy of Poland until 2040 (PEP2040), originally published in draft form in November 2018 and revised the following year.

In its announcement, the ministry described PEP2040 as “a clear vision of Poland’s energy transformation strategy” and “a compass for entrepreneurs, local governments, and citizens in the transformation of the Polish economy toward low emission.” By 2040, the document states, more than half of Poland’s installed capacity will be zero-emission sources, adding that offshore wind energy and nuclear energy “will play a special role” in reaching that goal.

PEP2040 contains eight specific objectives, one of which is the implementation of nuclear power. According to the document, Poland will launch its first nuclear power reactor, with a capacity of 1.0–1.6 GW, in 2033. Additional units are to follow every two to three years after that.

The Polish government chose Westinghouse’S AP1000 reactor technology for its initial nuclear plant in October of last year. A location in northern Poland near the Baltic coast, Lubiatowo-Kopalino, was selected in December 2021 as the preferred site for the nuclear project. Lubiatowo-Kopalino is approximately 40 miles northwest of Gdansk, the capital of Poland’s Pomeranian province.

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