YouTube journalists offer education on nuclear energy

September 8, 2023, 9:30AMANS Nuclear Cafe



Cleo Abram and Johnny Harris are young, independent video journalists—and friends and colleagues—who have been posting educational and supportive videos about nuclear energy on YouTube.

Abram describes her work as “making optimistic tech explainers.” The name of her show is Huge If True, “an antidote to the doom and gloom, helping its audience decode the world around them and see positive futures they can help build.”

Abram’s videos: Among Abram’s nuclear-related videos is “The Big Lie About Nuclear Waste,” in which she notes that many people find nuclear waste scary, thinking of the glowing green goop in The Simpsons and the endless political debates about what to do with it. However, she points out that researchers are investigating ways to recycle nuclear waste to generate more electricity. She speaks with researchers from Argonne National Laboratory about waste recycling, as well as representatives from Oklo, a company that is designing and deploying advanced fission power plants that run on used nuclear fuel.

Abram’s other nuclear videos include “Why Nuclear Plants Are Shutting Down,” “We Did Nuclear Fusion,” “Nuclear Fusion, Explained for Beginners,” and “The Big Misconception About Clean Energy.”

Harris’s videos: Harris, who describes himself as an “independent journalist making videos that help you better understand the world,” has a video titled “WTF Happened to Nuclear Energy?” in which he discusses “the fears and the facts around the world’s most contentious energy source” and “why people are so afraid of nuclear energy, and if their fears are realistic.” The video examines why some countries are shutting down their nuclear reactors, even amid what can be considered an energy crisis. Abram appears in the video with him, and they both make the case for expanded use of nuclear power.

Among Harris’s other nuclear-related videos are “Putin’s Energy War against Europe, Explained” and “How Nukes Gave Us Godzilla, the Bikini, and so Much More.”

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