ANS Diversity and Inclusion Committee to host webinar on policy impacts on nuclear workforce

June 22, 2023, 7:01AMANS Nuclear Cafe

The American Nuclear Society Diversity and Inclusion in ANS Committee (DIA) is offering a webinar open to both members and nonmembers on the subject of “The Impact of National, State, and Local Policies on the Nuclear Workforce.” This roundtable discussion, to be held June 29, will explore the impact that national and state policies have on recruiting and retaining a strong nuclear workforce. Although national policy and the advancement of nuclear technology have always gone hand-in-hand regarding regulatory concerns for novel reactor designs or waste form and repository policy, the evolution of state and local policies is affecting the workforce in different ways with a younger and growing workforce.

Registration is required for the webinar. Click here for details or to sign up.

Survey says: Since 2021, DIA has been polling ANS members about various topics related to work. DIA has tried to build data on emotional intelligence and work-life balance at past ANS Winter Meetings through the two “Nuclear Family Feud” events held to date. Building off these surveys, a trend has emerged about why members are selecting and staying at certain jobs, especially when looking at work-life balance and social/political differences within certain communities.

Recent surveying of the ANS membership indicates that many within our community feel that state and local laws motivated from a social angle can present challenges both to our workforce and to the educational pipeline. For example, local circumstances around health care, accessibility, and job security impact where people feel safe or comfortable living, and by extension, where they feel safe working. The emphasis of this roundtable discussion is not on the policies themselves, but their impact on the people that make up the nuclear community and the challenges members face when making decisions about where to work or even remaining within the field.

The roundtable: The June 29 event will be a virtual, ANS-wide roundtable. First, the panelists will discuss the real challenges that members of the nuclear community face when making decisions about staying in or leaving the industry. They will also offer strategies for individuals and institutions to navigate policies having a negative impact on their livelihood, workplace performance, or institutional growth. Then, a discussion of feedback from the recent ANS member survey will follow.

The Panelists:

  • Sarah Davis, North American Young Generation in Nuclear (moderator)
  • Emory Colvin, student, Oregon State University
  • Charlyne Smith, Breakthrough Institute
  • Julie Ezold, DIA member
  • Rebecca Young, labor and employment attorney, Idaho National Laboratory

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