Statement from ANS Executive Director / CEO Craig Piercy on UAMPS’ Carbon Free Power Project

September 3, 2020, 3:49PMPress Releases

As the voice of American nuclear engineers and scientists, ANS congratulates NuScale Power for receiving the first-ever final safety evaluation report for a small modular reactor issued by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The deployment of advanced nuclear energy will be vital in meeting America’s clean air targets, halting climate change and decarbonizing our economy. Advanced reactors will shore up the power grid’s reliability by supplying industries and communities with a constant stream of carbon-free energy.

In a world of climate change and economic insecurity, we cannot afford to ignore the potential contributions of advanced nuclear energy.

Andrew Smith

(202) 235-6998

Established in 1954, ANS is an international professional organization of engineers and scientists devoted to the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology. Its more than 9,500 members represent government, academia, research laboratories, medical facilities, and private industry. ANS’s mission is to advance, foster, and spur the development and application of nuclear science, engineering, and technology to benefit society.

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