NAC International acquires Philotechnics

January 17, 2023, 7:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

NAC International Inc. has completed its acquisition of Philotechnics Ltd., a health physics, radiological services, and waste management company headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tenn., with a satellite facility in San Diego, Calif. The company, now under NAC International ownership, has been renamed NAC Philotechnics Ltd.

Services: NAC Philotechnics’ services include low-level waste and mixed waste consulting, brokerage, processing, and disposal; naturally occurring radioactive materials and technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive materials consulting and disposal; sealed-source macroencapsulation; multiagency radiation survey and site investigation manual–compliant license terminations; equipment/facility release for unrestricted use; health physics services; and radioactive materials shipment support.

About Philotechnics: Founded in 1981, Philotechnics established itself as a radioactive waste broker and processor, providing LLW and mixed waste management services to more than 1,000 clients over its 40-plus-year history. Philotechnics is a recognized leader in small facility (e.g., labs, universities, industrial sites) decontamination and decommissioning and license termination projects.

About NAC: NAC International specializes in developing and licensing technology and providing services for used nuclear fuel and radioactive materials packaging, storage, transport, and management. NAC has been contracted to supply 735 used fuel dry storage cask systems worldwide and has completed more than 3,750 used fuel shipments. The company maintains its corporate headquarters in Peachtree Corners, Ga., and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Zosen Corp.

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