Nuclear has a good mythbuster

August 12, 2020, 7:10AMAround the Web

There’s a new mythbuster out in the Idaho desert by the name of Don Miley, separating nuclear fact from fiction in the service of science and the Idaho National Laboratory. An article released by INL’s Communications and Outreach staff on August 3—“Nuclear MythBusting: Using Social Media to Set the Record Straight”—explains what you need to know about INL’s new public outreach venture on YouTube. And Miley, a longtime INL tour guide, tells what everyone should know about nuclear technologies in these short videos. Just head to INL’s YouTube channel.

An INL tour guide for years, Don Miley is the host of “Nuclear MythBusting” video clips on INL’s YouTube channel. Photo: INL

Reaching the public: Being an INL tour guide, Miley is accustomed to getting questions from the public. That makes him a great choice to provide answers online to those questions in a clear, approachable manner. INL’s YouTube channel offers plenty of serious science and engineering, but the lab also sees an opportunity to use the platform to reach people who might not have paid attention to the lab in the past. Plus, there are plenty of amazing facts and true stories to share.

The first three “Nuclear MythBusters” videos tackle Solid Nuclear Fuel, Radiation Exposure, and Cooling Tower Vapors. While production was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, more videos are planned.

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