Energy Harbor launches 24/7 compliance product for EFECs

August 17, 2022, 12:01PMANS Nuclear Cafe

A new “24/7 emission-free energy compliance product” is now being used by Energy Harbor to meet the needs of customers who must validate that the energy they consume throughout the day is free of carbon emissions. The power company, based in Akron, Ohio, plans to use the product to provide the emission-free energy credits (EFECs) for its Beaver Valley nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania and the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants in Ohio—potentially more than 32 million credits every year.

The carbon-free energy tracking and certification platform, developed by European climate technology company FlexiDAO, was built on the Google Cloud and enables Energy Harbor to efficiently handle and analyze large amounts of data, ensuring that their customers will know with certainty that “every megawatt they consume was produced by an emission-free source,” according to Energy Harbor chief executive officer John Judge.

2023 target: Energy Harbor launched the product as part of its plan to “become a 100% carbon-free energy infrastructure and supply company by 2023.” The company is making the new product available to its electric customers and others who seek to use EFECs to offset their energy consumption on an hourly basis. More information about this product can be obtained directly from Energy Harbor.

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