Standards Community of Practice for RIPB methods

March 3, 2020, 2:33PMANS News

The Risk-informed, Performance-based Principles and Policy Committee (RP3C), a special committee of the ANS Standards Board, has launched a Community of Practice (CoP) to support risk-informed, performance-based (RIBP) methods in ANS standards. The CoP consists of interested professionals who can contribute to standards development priorities identified in the Standards Committee Strategic Plan and in ANS Position Statement #46, “Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Regulations for Nuclear Power Plants.”

CoPs provide an opportunity to share knowledge outside of the normal management and project process. They are used frequently by organizations to help break down barriers that impede the flow of information. CoPs can hold physical or virtual meetings, or a combination of both.

The purpose of this CoP is to support knowledge sharing on the development and application of RIPB principles and practices within the nuclear industry. Its scope includes, but is not limited to, nuclear power reactors, research reactors, the fuel cycle, and decommissioning. The scope encompasses U.S. domestic activities as well as international activities. The CoP will hold monthly online collaboration meetings on the last Friday of every month, beginning at 3 p.m. EST/12 p.m. PST and lasting about 30 minutes.

A kickoff meeting was held on February 28 and was devoted to “The Importance of Systems Engineering to Support Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Methods.” A public RIPB Community of Practice webpage open to all professionals interested in RIPB principles and practices has been created on ANS Collaborate to foster topical discussions between monthly meetings. ANS members and others can visit the webpage for details about upcoming meetings and can choose to join the group to receive notifications and be included in ongoing discussions.

The tentative schedule of discussion topics for the next seven months includes the following:

  • March—licensing modernization project
  • April—ANS-53.1, “Nuclear Safety Design Process for Modular Helium--Cooled Reactor Plants”
  • May—NuScale’s RIPB application
  • June—ANS-30.3, “Light-Water Reactor Risk-Informed Performance--Based Design”
  • July—molten salt reactor standard
  • August—GE Hitachi’s RIPB application
  • September—other vendor RIPB applications.

The CoP is sponsored by RP3C under N. Prasad Kadambi’s leadership and is supported by Kent Welter, who is serving as the CoP coordinator. Contact ANS Standards Manager Pat Schroeder at with any questions.

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