Diversity resource guide for colleges and universities available

May 16, 2022, 9:30AMANS Nuclear Cafe

As part of its Pathways programs for online learning, the Pearson company has published a resource guide titled “Diversity in Colleges: Statistics, History, and Resources.” The guide could serve as a resource for the nuclear community as it seeks to increase diversity among university students studying for careers in the nuclear industry.

Defining diversity: The resource guide states that “Diversity is the inclusion of individuals from a wide range of groups based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, income level, culture, and other characteristics, and making it truly meaningful means developing a deeper understanding of and appreciation for individuals who are members of these groups and their differences.”

The company continues, “While colleges and universities have made great efforts to promote diversity on a more meaningful level, there is still a way to go before the potential for on-campus diversity can be fully realized.”

Details: The guide highlights the importance of developing greater diversity on college campuses, including growing and expanding knowledge among a school’s student body. “That knowledge is acquired by adding the understanding of others’ experiences—including those from underrepresented populations—to a person’s own experiences,” Pearson states.

Among the topics covered by the report are the following:

  • A look at why diversity in colleges matters.
  • An overview of statistics on diversity in colleges.
  • The history of developing campus diversity.

The report also links to additional resources for promoting diversity in colleges.

Pushing diversity forward: The Pearson Pathways website sums up the purpose of its resource guide by stating, “From helping marginalized groups find success in higher education to creating a more diverse, inclusive administrative atmosphere, colleges have many opportunities to push diversity forward, both in physical and virtual environments. For college students filled with a desire to make the world a more inclusive place, the time to start this process is now.”

The “Diversity in Colleges” resource guide is available as a web page.

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