ANS and HPS work together to provide information on nuclear and radiation science

April 27, 2022, 12:00PMANS News

The American Nuclear Society and the Health Physics Society are collaborating to combat misinformation on radiation and nuclear science.  As part of this effort, ANS’s Rapid Response Taskforce and HPS’s “Ask the Experts” have partnered to monitor the radiological and nuclear situation in war-besieged Ukraine and are available to answer media inquiries. 

“The American Nuclear Society is proud to announce our new collaboration with the Health Physics Society in communicating radiation and nuclear safety to the public by answering inquiries from the media and policymakers,” said ANS President Steven Nesbit. “The mission of the collaboration is to provide the public, the media, and decisionmakers with science-based, technical expertise on radiation and nuclear technologies.”

HPS President John Cardarelli added, “The Health Physics Society is pleased to collaborate with the American Nuclear Society to assist the media in promoting fact-based reporting and to help respond to public inquiries on radiation safety and related issues.”

ANS and HPS members representing a variety of specialties stand ready to answer questions from the media and the public. “Through the collaboration of HPS and ANS,” Nesbit said, “journalists and decisionmakers will have access to leading experts in radiation and nuclear science to answer their questions and to combat misinformation and alarmism whenever necessary.”

For more information, visit ANS’s Rapid Response Taskforce at and HPS’s Ask the Experts.