ANS publishes solid waste processing system standard

January 25, 2022, 7:00AMANS News

The American Nuclear Society has just published ANSI/ANS-55.1-2021, Solid Radioactive Waste Processing System for Light-Water-Cooled Reactor Plants. The standard was originally issued in 1979 with a revision in 1992 to provide design guidance for in-plant solid radwaste systems.

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Details: Approved December 2, 2021, ANSI/ANS-55.1-2021 sets forth the design, construction, and performance requirements for a solid radioactive waste processing system for light-water-cooled reactor plants. For the purposes of this standard, the solid radioactive waste processing system begins at the interface with the liquid radioactive waste processing system boundary and at the inlets to the spent resin, filter sludge, evaporator and/or membrane concentrate, and phase separator tanks.

In addition, this standard pertains to dry active waste, mixed waste, and other solid radioactive waste forms that are generated as part of the operation and maintenance of light-water-cooled reactor plants. The system includes facilities for temporary (up to 30 days of anticipated normal waste generation) on-site storage of packaged waste but terminates at the point of loading the filled drums and other containers on a vehicle.

Take note: The solid radioactive waste processing system in this standard is not a safety-class system as defined by ANS-51.1-1983 (R1988) (withdrawn), Nuclear Safety Criteria for the Design of Stationary Pressurized Water Reactor Plants, or ANS-52.1-1983 (R1988) (withdrawn), Nuclear Safety Criteria for the Design of Stationary Boiling Water Reactor Plants.

A bit more: In 2001, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission granted design relief in Regulatory Guide 1.143 (Rev. 2), “Design Guidance for Radioactive Waste Management Systems, Structures, and Components Installed in Light-Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Plants,” when it allowed ASME B31.3, “Process Piping,” as an option to ASME B31.1, “Power Piping,” to be used for radioactive waste systems.

The revision of ANSI/ANS-55.1-2021 incorporates the design relief granted by the NRC in 2001 and to service continued operation at nuclear facilities and new nuclear facility construction.

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