Savannah River Remediation, Denmark Technical College renew MOU

October 11, 2021, 2:59PMANS Nuclear Cafe
Savannah River Remediation’s Mark Schmitz (left) and Denmark Technical College’s Willie L. Todd Jr. sign a memorandum of understanding to reaffirm the partnership between their respective organizations. (Photo: SRR)

Savannah River Remediation (SRR) and South Carolina’s Denmark Technical College (DTC) have renewed a memorandum of understanding that has a goal of preparing DTC students for work in the industrial and nuclear environment while also providing SRR with a potential pipeline of future employees.

SRR is the Savannah River Site’s liquid waste contractor, consisting of a team of companies led by Amentum, with partners Bechtel National, Jacobs, and BWX Technologies. Subcontractors include Orano, Atkins, and Amentum N&E Technical Services.

DTC is South Carolina’s only technical college that is also a historically black college or university.

The MOU: The agreement continues a partnership that was begun in September 2019, when an initial MOU was signed by the two organizations. The renewed MOU, which was signed late last month, will be effective until September 2022, or until the Department of Energy names a replacement contractor for the Savannah River Site’s liquid waste project.

The college: DTC is a two-year historically black college in rural Bamberg County, S.C. The school serves more than 500 students, focusing on technical career training, associate degrees, and a four-year college transfer program.

The program: The agreement has already brought success to both organizations, according to SRR. For example, DTC students have been able to work as interns in areas such as welding at the Savannah River Site. Other highlights include one-on-one mentoring relationships between SRR staff and DTC students for career advice and placement opportunities; SRR recommendations for improving DTC’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) curriculum to meet industry needs; and DTC “boot camps,” with SRR staff participation to better prepare students for the industrial and nuclear work environment.

Comments: “Our partnership has opened doors for our students, helping them to forge onward toward successful STEM careers,” said DTC president Willie L. Todd Jr. “There aren’t enough words to express our appreciation for the commitment and investment SRR has made to our students. We are working diligently to provide access to our students and the citizens of rural South Carolina.”

SRR chief operating officer and deputy project manager Mark Schmitz added, “The fruit from this partnership can be seen in the good work completed by the students who come to work at SRR. Together, we are bringing improvements to both organizations that will support our future workforce.”

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