U2’s The Edge backs nuclear power as a solution to climate problem

April 20, 2021, 12:08PMANS Nuclear Cafe
U2 guitarist The Edge

Nuclear has added some star power, and we're not talking about fusion. U2 guitarist The Edge—whose real name is David Evans—says that countries need to consider adopting next generation nuclear power to meet their climate change targets.

Speaking on April 20 on a panel for Dublin investment firm VentureWav Capital, Evans, of Killiney, Ireland, said: “We need to think very deeply about whether our current strategy of renewable energy is going to make it. We’ve got to be prepared to rethink certain things.”

Cathedral thinking: Describing himself as “an eternal optimist,” Evans noted that climate change needs “cathedral thinking” by politicians.

“Everybody thinks in terms of their election cycle, and everyone’s looking for a result now," he said. "We all have the power with our votes to empower politicians to engage in much longer-term thinking. Cathedral thinking is really the way to describe it. We’ve got to encourage existing industries with a bad reputation to change, so we don’t make the good the enemy of the perfect.”

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