Missouri mulls nuclear development measure

April 19, 2021, 7:01AMANS Nuclear Cafe


Missouri has only one nuclear power plant, Ameren Missouri’s single-unit Callaway facility. State Rep. John Black (R., 137th Dist.) doesn’t think that’s enough.

Black’s H.B. 261, introduced earlier this year after a similar version failed to make headway in 2020, would create the Missouri Nuclear Clean Power Act, aimed at fostering the development of nuclear power in the state. Under the bill, companies that build clean baseload generating plants or renewable-source generating plants rated at 200 MW or more would no longer be prohibited from charging for construction costs before beginning operation.

The legislation passed the chamber’s Utilities Committee on March 10 and its House Administrative Oversight Committee on March 23. On Tuesday, April 13, the bill was placed on the “perfection calendar,” where it awaits further debate on the House floor.

A word from the sponsor: “This would help move Missouri into the 21st century with regard to energy policy,” Black said. “This would help ensure a viable source of electricity, vital to our homes and businesses in the state of Missouri.”

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