Orano, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power to cooperate on nuclear D&D

December 7, 2020, 9:29AMRadwaste Solutions

Orano's Alain Vandercruyssen signs a cooperation agreement with KHNP on December 4. Photo: ORANO

With the signing of a cooperation agreement by Orano and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power at KHNP’s headquarters in Gyeongju on December 4, France and South Korea are poised to enhance collaboration in the decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear facilities, particularly in South Korea and Europe.

Orano said that the collaboration will give it access to the expertise of KHNP engineers, as well as to KHNP’s network of providers of nuclear engineering services, particularly in the fields of robotics, process industrialization, and quality.

KHNP, in return, will benefit from Orano’s experience in preparing and carrying out nuclear dismantling, with the company providing technical assistance and supplying skills and training. South Korean engineers will be included in the Orano dismantling and services teams.

The agreement also provides for collaboration between the parties to carry out joint technical studies. Such studies could cover, for instance, questions related to the automation of some complex processes, the design of intermediate storage units for legacy waste, and the treatment and packaging of waste generated by dismantling operations.

Quotes: “We are proud to have gained the trust of our partner KHNP, with whom we are keen to collaborate in working on ambitious and complex projects,” said Alain Vandercruyssen, Orano’s senior executive vice president of decommissioning and services. “This success strengthens our position as a world market leader in dismantling and associated services and illustrates how France can export its know-how in the nuclear field.”

Yoon-Ho Kim, executive vice president of the Technology and Innovation Division at KHNP, said, “KHNP and Korean domestic partners will have chance to participate in Orano’s decommissioning projects in France, and Orano’s accumulated experience will be a very valuable asset to Korea’s decommissioning project through this agreement. I have no doubt that it will serve as the foundation for strengthening cooperation in decommissioning businesses between Korea and France.”

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