Salary growth rate for nuclear engineers among highest

September 21, 2020, 3:02PMANS Nuclear Cafe

Nuclear engineers have the second-fastest growing salaries among six-figure earners, according to a recent study from AdvisorSmith, a business insurance resource company.

The study, “Six-Figure Jobs with the Fastest Growing Salaries,” found that:

■ Nuclear engineers had an annual median salary growth rate of 4.4 percent, double the average of 2.8 percent for the top-25 high-paying professions.

■ Nuclear engineers’ salaries from 2016 to 2019 grew from $105,950 to $120,700.

■ STEM professions had some of the fastest growing salaries and accounted for more than half of the occupations on the top-25 list.

The job with the fasted growth rate in salary was advertising and promotion manager, with a growth rate of 6.4 percent since 2016 and a mean salary of $141,890 in 2019.

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