ANS members approve amendment adding YMG rep to board of directors

September 18, 2020, 3:00PMANS News

The American Nuclear Society will include a representative from the Young Members Group on its Board of Directors after ANS members voted this week overwhelmingly in favor of amending Article B6 of the ANS bylaws. The change was mandated by Objective Outcome 5 of the ANS Change Plan 2020.

To keep the number of directors at 16, the approved amendment decreased the number of non–U.S. resident directors from three to two.

Next steps: The change goes into effect immediately as the nominating committee is already deliberating for June’s new Board members. To be eligible for the YMG position, the member must be younger than 36 on June 1 of the election year. The change in the Board’s composition gives the YMG, which has more than 3,500 members, a collective voting voice.

She said it: “The Young Members Group is thrilled that the vote passed,” YMG Chair Catherine Prat told ANS News. “This reaffirms the message that the Society values diversity. Giving a seat at the table to a young member is an important step in making sure that the different groups within ANS each have representation.”

Thinking internationally: Although ANS has reduced the number of non-U.S. directors, the intention is not to reduce the Society’s international focus. Another element of the change plan is to incorporate international functions within the External Affairs Committee and to create a new ANS International Council that will advise the Board and the Executive Committee directly.

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