2023 ANS election results are in

April 19, 2023, 4:08PMANS News

The month of April, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, is a time for transformation and growth as we emerge from the depths of winter—and it is also the time we learn of the newest American Nuclear Society members elected to positions of leadership. Not only did members vote for the next vice president/president-elect but the treasurer position was also up for grabs along with six board of director positions. The election opened on February 21 and closed April 11, with 20 percent of eligible ANS members voting (roughly the average turnout over the last few years).

Meet the vice president/president-elect

Lisa Marshall

The next vice president/president-elect will be Lisa Marshall, an ANS member since 2005. Marshall is the director of outreach, retention, and engagement and an assistant extension professor for nuclear engineering at North Carolina State University. “Thank you, ANS members! I am honored to be your next vice president/president-elect,” Marshall said in an email to Nuclear News. She added, “We are a Society of excellence, and I am devoted to leading us further with passion, vigor, and purpose through recruitment, retention, and collaboration nationally and internationally. People are our most valuable resource. We impact energy and nonenergy industries in crucial ways and must continually develop and lead efforts that are transformational.”

Marshall will succeed current ANS vice president/president-elect Ken Petersen, who will assume the office of president following the upcoming ANS Annual Meeting. The current president, Steven Arndt, will remain on the board for a one-year term as immediate past president.

In her candidacy statement, Marshall noted her 20-plus years of experience with people, policies, and products. “I am a collaborative leader and educator with experience empowering careers, communicating our mission, and contributing to the multidisciplinary nature of this field. Our most valuable resources are people and authentic public engagement,” Marshall said. “My record shows a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion—mentoring and advocating for students and young professionals, creating spaces for people and new ways of thinking.”

The next ANS treasurer

Harsh Desai

Harsh S. Desai was elected for the two-year term as treasurer. Desai, an ANS member since 2004 and the current vice chair of the Finance Committee, is the chief commercialization officer at Zeno Power. He will succeed W. A. “Art” Wharton III, an ANS member since 2004, who is the acting CEO of Studsvik Scandpower. Wharton will complete his second term as the ANS treasurer in June. Of his election, Desai told NN, “I am grateful to the ANS members who have put their trust in me by electing me treasurer. I look forward to continuing to serve my peers and the Society in this capacity. I also want to recognize Art for his steadfast commitment to ANS for the past four years.”

Desai spoke in his candidacy statement of his experience in financial and business management and his service to ANS in multiple leadership positions. He added, “Throughout my 19 years as an ANS member, I’ve focused my efforts on unique ANS core values to advance the technical discipline; enhance professional development of our members, especially young and student members; ensure fiscal sustainability; provide policy and decision makers with important resources; and institutionalize the board roles and responsibilities.”

The newest directors

This year, there were four U.S. director-at-large positions, one non-U.S. director-at-large position, and one student director position to be filled. The six new members, elected from a pool of 13 to the Board, are listed below:

  • Kelsey Amundson, R&D engineer in advanced nuclear technology at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  • Mark Peters, executive vice president for laboratory operations at Battelle.
  • Temitope Taiwo, director of the Nuclear Science and Engineering Division at Argonne National Laboratory.
  • Leigh Winfrey, dean of the School of Engineering at Maritime College, State University of New York.
  • Han Gyu Joo, professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Seoul National University in South Korea (non-U.S. director-at-large).
  • Katy Worrell, an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee–Knoxville, who will begin her graduate studies in Knoxville after she graduates this spring (student director).

Directors with terms ending in June 2023 are Lori Braase, Anna Erickson, Richard Lagdon, John Mahoney, Luc Van Den Durpel (current non-U.S. director-at-large), and Amanda Bachmann (current student director).

What about the professional divisions?

We didn’t forget about the professional division elections. Each of the 19 professional divisions elected new executive committee members. The full list of new division leadership is listed below.

Accelerator Applications

Vice chair: Khalid Hattar
Secretary: Lin Shao
Treasurer: Yongqiang Wang
Executive Committee: Cathy S. Cutler, Kevin Field, Cheng Sun

Aerospace Nuclear Science & Technology

Vice chairs: Michael B. R. Smith and Tyler Steiner
Treasurer: Chris D. Bryan
Executive Committee: Dianne Ezell, DeLeah Lockridge, Eddie Lopez-Honorato, Noel B. Nelson, Brandon A. Wilson

Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences

Vice chair: Douglas A. Davis
Secretary: Joe Carignan
Treasurer: Katie Mummah
Executive Committee: Sue Aggarwal, Peter D. McNeil, Dustin G. Miller, Leah Parks
Executive Committee student member: Ethan Nicolls

Education, Training & Workforce Development

Vice chair: Ishita Trivedi
Secretary: Justin K. Watson
Treasurer: Sukesh Aghara
Executive Committee: Ken Allen, John Mobley IV, Zachary J. Van Horn, Anna Yague

Fuel Cycle & Waste Management

Vice chair: Hatice Akkurt
Vice program chair: Michael Smith
Secretary/treasurer: Rosemary (Rose) A. Montgomery
Executive Committee: Amanda Bachmann, Paul Cantonwine, Ben Cipiti, Amanda M. Lines

Fusion Energy

Executive Committee: Brenda L. Garcia-Diaz, Rafael Juárez, Ethan E. Petersen

Human Factors, Instrumentation & Controls

Second vice chair: Adam S. Deatherage
Secretary: Pradeep Ramuhalli
Treasurer: Fan Zhang
Executive Committee: Niav M. Hughes Green, Ronald K. King, Padhraic L. Mulligan, Graeme M. West

Isotopes & Radiation

Vice chair: James M. Bowen
Secretary: Miltos Alamaniotis
Treasurer: R. Gregory Downing
Executive Committee: Raymond Cao, Derek A. Haas, Lin-wen Hu, Rob Steiner

Materials Science & Technology

Vice chair: Simon M. Pimblot
Secretary/treasurer: Annabelle Le Coq
Executive Committee: Ben Beeler, Erofili Kardoulaki, Stephen T. Lam, Jake McMurray
Student representative: Lauryn Reyes

Mathematics & Computation

Vice chair: Ryan McClarren
Executive Committee: Kelli D. Humbird, Miriam Kreher, Anil K. Prinja

Nuclear Criticality Safety

Vice chair: Fred Winstanley
Secretary: Jennifer Alwin
Treasurer: Theresa Cutler
Executive Committee: John D. Bess, Kristin N. Stolte, Mandy Bowles Tomaszewski
Executive Committee student member: Katy Worrell

Nuclear Installations Safety

Vice chair: Mihai Diaconeasa
Secretary: Alexander Huning
Treasurer: Zac Jankovsky
Executive Committee: Mathew Bucknor, Vaibhav Yadav

Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy

Vice chair: Shikha Prasad
Secretary: Angela DiFulvio
Treasurer: Michael J. Willis
Executive Committee: Kyle Beardsley, Lloyd J. Jollay, Madeline Lockhart, Camille Palmer

Operations & Power

First vice chair: Benjamin A. “Ben” Holtzman
Second vice chair: Keith J. Drudy
Secretary: Melanie A. Joseph
Treasurer: Catherine Riddle
Executive Committee: Hitesh Bindra, Melanie A. Joseph, Jason Lanier, Mathew J. Marzano, Catherine Prat

Radiation Protection & Shielding

Secretary: Andrew R. Rosenstrom
Treasurer: Joel A. Kulesza
Executive Committee: Jarvis A. Caffrey, Tucker C. McClanahan, Manish K. Sharma

Reactor Physics

Vice chair: Shane G. Stimpson
Secretary: Ben Collins
Treasurer: Abdalla Abou Jaoude
Executive Committee: Eva E. Davidson, Vincent M. Laboure, Stefano Terlizzi, Ishita Trivedi, Zeyun Wu

Robotics & Remote Systems

Secretary: Anthony Abrahao
Treasurer: Chris Eason
Executive Committee: Elliot J. Fountain, Lucas E. Gallegos III, Leo Lagos, YZ

Thermal Hydraulics

Vice chair: Igor A. Bolotnov
Secretary: Stephen M. Bajorek
Treasurer: Ferry Roelofs
Executive Committee: Fan-Bill Cheung, Donna P. Guillen, Izabela Gutowska, Chul-Hwa Song, Ling Zou

Young Members Group

Vice chair: Ishita Trivedi
Secretary: Julianne McCallum
Treasurer: John Mobley IV
Executive Committee: Tim Crook, Miriam Kreher, Will Searight

Correction: an earlier version of the story incorrectly listed Marshall's title, she is an assistant extension professor for nuclear engineering at North Carolina State University.

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