Vogtle 3rd quarter 2013 construction update

October 3, 2013, 6:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

The ANS Nuclear Cafe Matinee is usually celebrated on Fridays-but this time, we just couldn't wait.

A new video is out from the Plant Vogtle nuclear construction site! Two new AP1000 nuclear power reactors are under construction at Vogtle, near Waynesboro, Georgia, scheduled to begin operations in 2017 and 2018. Along with two units under construction at the V.C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station in South Carolina, these will be the first new nuclear units built in the United States in the past three decades.

As host Joe Washington says, almost every day reveals a new milestone and historic achievement:

For a personal report from the Vogtle site regarding nuclear safety culture, in case you missed it, see Fighting for the Next Inch by Peter Shaw.

Thanks to Georgia Power for producing this video

vogtle 3rd quarter 2013 355x201

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