ANS Video Interview: Women in Nuclear Technology

November 9, 2012, 7:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

What will be the future influence of women in nuclear science and technology What can be done to encourage more women and girls to enter nuclear science and energy fields-and to stay in the "technical track"? How important are role models?

How important is "acing" that math test for becoming an engineer?  How important is "acing" puzzle-solving?  Is the widespread prevalence of technology, and the changing image of science and scientists in popular media, having a positive influence?  What is influencing change in regard to women in nuclear technology?

Mimi Limbach, senior vice president at Potomac Communications Group; Gwyneth Cravens, author of Power to Save the World: The Truth about Nuclear Energy; and Margaret Harding, president and chief executive officer of 4 Factor Consulting, talk about these issues and more with Dan Yurman of the ANS Public Information Committee.

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