ANS Names Three New Fellows

June 25, 2012, 1:15PMANS Nuclear Cafe

Three members of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) have been named ANS Fellows, ANS President Eric Loewen, PhD, announced today.  The status of Fellow is the highest honor bestowed by the Society.  Dr. Loewen will present the awards to the new ANS Fellows today, during the opening session of the ANS Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois, in recognition of their significant achievements and contributions to nuclear science and technology.

In making the announcement, Loewen said, "As scientific society members, we are proud to be associated with these individuals who have done so much to advance nuclear science and technology by sharing their contributions so enthusiastically with their colleagues."

The prestigious designation of ANS Fellow was awarded to:


Ahmad Hassanein, Head of Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University-For his significant development of comprehensive models and computer simulation packages for plasma material interactions for fusion energy applications in both magnetic and inertial confinement as well as other plasma science applications.



Pradip Saha, Principal Engineer, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy-For his outstanding original research and publications in the fields of two-phase flow in thermal non-equilibrium, density wave flow instability in subcritical and supercritical pressures, core power-feedwater temperature operating domain for natural circulation BWR, scaling methodology for BWRs, mixed convection heat transfer in gas-cooled reactors, and reactor safety code assessment and improvement.


Mark L. Williams, Distinguished Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory-For his significant contributions to nuclear engineering modeling and simulation through unique breakthrough developments in sensitivity/uncertainty (S/U) methods.



Loewen concluded, "Nuclear science and technology continues to expand and provide benefits to humanity as our knowledge grows within this new field of study. These three ANS Fellows are at the boundary of this knowledge expansion and are thought leaders who have significantly helped to advance nuclear science."

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