Science-Based Science Communications: Surprising New Findings

Last week Dan Kahan, Harvard professor and member of the highly important Cultural Cognition Project, released his latest research about how scientific evidence impacts opinions. It was published under dim headlines such as Scientists' depressing new discovery about the brain and elicited equally defeated sounding tweets and Facebook posts from science communicators all over the globe.

ANS Annual Meeting 2013 - A Photographic Retrospective

In this delightful video montage, meeting photographer Suzy Hobbs Baker takes us on a trip back to the people and events of the 2013 American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting. A big thank you to all attendees for your outstanding service in advancing the benefits of nuclear science and technology, and in making this meeting such a successful event.

Art, Infrastructure, and Inspiration

I recently had the good fortune to visit Vogtle nuclear power plant, in Georgia, to see the ongoing construction of Units 3 and 4. The only comparable experience I've had was the first time I saw the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan, Mexico. It made me think long and hard about how much planning, cooperation, and hard work we humans are capable of doing. You can't build a pyramid, or a cooling tower for that matter, without a lot of help.

How to Survive an NRC Public Meeting

Several weeks ago in the quiet community of Gaffney, South Carolina, I attended a public meeting held by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to discuss the potential environmental impact of Duke Energy's proposed William States Lee III site. About 100 anti-nuclear activists also descended on the meeting.