ANS Friday Nuclear Matinee triple feature

April 13, 2012, 6:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

A triple feature for your viewing pleasure! Here we go:

1. Those atomic clocks can really come in handy! "GPS, Relativity, and Nuclear Detection" from Minute Physics:


2. This video regards Einstein's mathematically proving the existence of atoms (and their size) in 1905. For more detail, see this Nuclear Pioneers post from the ANS Nuclear Cafe. Here's the video "Albert Einstein: The Size and Existence of Atoms" from Minute Physics:


3. The ANS Student Conference in Las Vegas is now well underway. Here is one of the many beautiful videos shown during ANS President Eric Loewen's keynote address at the conference, courtesy of Suzanne Hobbs Baker of PopAtomic Studios. Full-screen mode recommended:

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