55th annual Nuclear News Buyers Guide now available

April 23, 2024, 12:00PMANS Nuclear Cafe

For American Nuclear Society members and Nuclear News subscribers, the 2024 Buyers Guide is now available in the ANS Digital Nuclear Library. The print version will be mailed along with the May “Capacity Factors/Nuclear Security” issue of Nuclear News magazine.

The corresponding ANS online Buyers Guide database is available year-round to all readers—updated with the latest products, services, and suppliers contact information for more than 600 nuclear-related companies.

Worldwide reach: The theme of this year’s Buyers Guide is “Connecting the Worldwide Nuclear Community,” as the print and online versions are great resources for student members or those seeking new employment to identify the companies that align with their areas of interest or expertise. In addition, supply chain professionals at utilities or procurement directors at national labs can find the right supplier for their upcoming projects or programs. Companies can also find the partners or subcontractors they need.

Highlights from this year’s directory include:

Nuclear Products, Materials & Services Directory—An alphabetical listing of 476 business categories with the names of suppliers.

Directory of Suppliers—An alphabetical listing of 600 suppliers (by country), which includes locations, contact names, telephone numbers, email and web addresses, and N Stamp information, where applicable.

Get Listed: It’s FREE! If your company does not yet appear in the print directory or online database, you are invited to create a basic listing free of charge. Note: Only print advertisers receive several listing enhancements and upgrades in the print edition and online database.

Appreciation: With 50 pages of new advertisements in this year’s directory, NN offers a special thanks to the 65 companies that upgraded their basic listings by placing an ad in the category that is most representative of their business.

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