The 2024 ANS election results are in!

April 16, 2024, 12:00PMANS News

Spring marks the passing of the torch for American Nuclear Society leadership. During this election cycle, ANS members voted for the newest vice president/president-elect, four members-at-large for the Board of Directors, and one Young Member director for the Board. New professional division leadership was also decided on in the election, which opened on February 20 and closed on April 9. About 22 percent of eligible members voted—a similar turnout to last year.

Meet the vice president/president-elect


The next vice president/president-elect will be H. M. “Hash” Hashemian, an ANS member since 1976. Hashemian is president and chief executive officer of AMS Corporation.

In his candidacy statement, Hashemian shared his experience in the nuclear field: “I have had the honor of serving the global nuclear power and medical isotope industries for over 45 years, working with brilliant colleagues who share my vision of keeping nuclear technology safe, efficient, and reliable for production of electricity, medical isotopes, hydrogen, process heat, and more.”

Hashemian will succeed current ANS vice president/president-elect Lisa Marshall, who will assume the office of president following the upcoming ANS Annual Conference in mid-June.

The newest directors-at-large

The four new directors-at-large have been elected to the Board of Directors from a pool of eight:

Bradley Adams, former vice president of engineering, Southern Nuclear; nuclear executive (retired)

Gale Hauck, senior advisor to the assistant secretary for nuclear energy, Department of Energy; senior R&D staff for innovative nuclear reactors, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

J. Wesley Hines, Chancellor’s Professor and Distinguished Postelle Professor, University of Tennessee–Knoxville

Monica Regalbuto, director of the Integrated Fuel Cycle Initiative, Idaho National Laboratory

The newest Young Member director

Two ANS Young Members were nominated for the open director seat on the Board. Elected is Matthew Wargon, the MCRE Reactivity Control Group lead at TerraPower.

Professional divisions election results

All 19 professional divisions also elected new leadership for the coming year. Below is the full list of new division leadership.

Accelerator Applications

Vice chair: Yongqiang Wang

Secretary: Cheng Sun

Executive Committee: Peter Hosemann, Michael Nastasi, James F. Stubbins

Aerospace Nuclear Science & Technology

Secretary: Noel B. Nelson

Executive Committee: Emily Hutchins, Trevor D. Parker

Decommissioning and Environmental Sciences

Vice chair: Katie Mummah

Secretary: Matthew E. Darois

Treasurer: Joseph (Joe) Carignan

Executive Committee: Lauren Bailey, Mark S. Campagna, Elida S. Danaher, Hannah E. Pell, Richard St. Onge

Executive Committee student member: Ethan Nicolls

Education, Training & Workforce Development

Vice chair: Sukesh Aghara

Secretary: Christopher M. Perfetti

Treasurer: Justin K. Watson

Executive Committee: Georgette Alexander-Morrison, Raymond J. Dean, Aaron Horwood, Christopher M. Perfetti, Drew Thomas, Jonathan Keay Witter

Fuel Cycle & Waste Management

Vice chair: Michael Smith

Vice program chair: Kaushik Banerjee

Executive Committee: Stylianos Chatzidakis, Morris E. Hassler, Travis W. Knight, John R. Massari, Daniel J. Moneghan, Patrick Moosir, John M. Scaglione, Michael Smith

Fusion Energy

Vice chair: Thomas F. Fuerst

Secretary/treasurer: Monica L. Gehrig

Executive Committee: Sunday C. Aduloju, Rebecca L. Masline, Pierre-Clément (PC) Simon

Human Factors, Instrumentation and Controls

2nd vice chair: Pradeep Ramuhalli

Secretary: Fan Zhang

Treasurer: Vivek Agarwal

Executive Committee: Anna Hall, Hyun Gook Kang, Nancy J. Lybeck, Christopher M. Poresky, Michael T. Rowland, Michael Thow, Xingang Zhao

Executive Committee student member: Olugbenga Gideon

Isotopes & Radiation

Vice chair: Erik H. Wilson

Executive Committee: Gregory Downing, Weslee A. Kersey, Padhraic L. Mulligan, Jung H. Rim, Vaibhav Sinha, Kenan Ünlü, R.

Materials Science & Technology

Vice chair: Annabelle Le Coq

Secretary/treasurer: Michael R. Tonks

Executive Committee: Assel Aitkaliyeva, Kenneth J. Geelhood, Brenden J. Heidrich, Caleb P. Massey, Scarlett Widgeon Paisner, Jake R. Quincey, Pierre-Clément (PC) Simon, Elizabeth S. Sooby, Yongfeng Zhang

Mathematics & Computation

Vice chair: Madicken Munk

Secretary: Carlo Fiorina

Treasurer: Katherine E. Royston

Executive Committee: April Novak, Andrew T. Till, John R. Tramm

Nuclear Criticality Safety

Vice chair: Andrew W. Prichard

Secretary: Kristan Wessels

Executive Committee: Shauntay E. Coleman, Dallas M. Mose, Amy van der Vyver

Nuclear Installations Safety

Vice chair: Aaron S. Epiney

Secretary/treasurer: Alexander J. Huning

Executive Committee: Ron L. Boring, Robert F. Kile, Yunfei Zhao

Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy

Vice chair: Angela Di Fulvio

Secretary: Camille J. Palmer

Treasurer: R. Chris Robinson

Executive Committee: James Wm. Behrens, Sunil S. Chirayath, Thomas E. Hanlon, Morris E. Hassler, Emma Houston, Lloyd J. Jollay, George (Geordie) E. McKenzie

Operations & Power

1st vice chair: Keith J Drudy

Secretary: Catherine M. Prat

Treasurer: Melanie A. Joseph

Executive Committee: Keith J Drudy, Ben Holtzman, W. Neal Mann

Reactor Physics

Vice chair: Abdalla Abou Jaoude

Secretary: Benjamin R. Betzler

Treasurer: Benjamin Collins

Executive Committee: Andrew Johnson, Dan Kotlyar, Matthew A. Krecicki, Adam G. Nelson, Joshua Peterson-Droogh, Zachary Prince

Radiation Protection & Shielding

Secretary: Andrew R. Rosenstrom

Executive Committee: Amir A. Bahadori, Sunil S. Chirayath, Rajarshi Pal Chowdhury, Shaheen A. Dewji, Lawrence Heilbronn, Irina I. Popova

Robotics & Remote Systems

1st vice chair: William Christopher (Chris) Eason

2nd vice chair: Anthony Abrahao

Secretary: Wendell H. Chun

Treasurer: Y Z

Executive Committee: Syed Bahauddin Alam, Anamary Daniel, Fan Zhang

Thermal Hydraulics

Vice chair: Stephen M. Bajorek

Secretary: Ferry Roelofs

Treasurer: Dillon R. Shaver

Executive Committee: Rui Hu, Elia Merzari, Subash L Shama, Sierra Tutwiler, Xu Wu

Young Members Group

Vice chair: Julianne McCallum

Secretary: John Mobley IV

Treasurer: William T. Searight

Executive Committee: Victor Ibarra Jr., Iza Lantgios, Jillian L. Newmyer

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