Allied Power acquires Dominion Engineering

September 20, 2023, 7:01AMANS Nuclear Cafe

Allied Power has acquired Dominion Engineering, Inc. (DEI), Allied announced last week. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Allied provides a range of services—including routine maintenance, outage services and management, capital construction, and specialized support—for power plants in the United States.

DEI has provided field service equipment, technology, and consulting services for nuclear utilities and operators for more than four decades. Its services include work on refueling outages, decommissioning, and waste management activities.

In November 2020, Allied was acquired by Bernhard Capital Partners, an infrastructure and services-focused private equity management firm.

Company growth: Allied’s acquisition of DEI following its acquisition last year of Radiation Safety and Control Services (RSCS; a provider of project management, technical, and laboratory services to the nuclear power industry and other entities that use radioactive material) furthers the company’s ability to expand its offerings.

Quotes: "We are delighted to welcome DEI and their entire team of nuclear professionals to the Allied family," said Dean Sack, chief executive officer of Allied Power. "DEI's ability to make nuclear reactor operation, maintenance, and waste management safer and more cost-effective directly complements the Allied footprint of work in the nuclear power industry. We look forward to growing this footprint by utilizing the deep nuclear industry expertise of DEI."

"At DEI, we share the Allied team's commitment to servicing critically important nuclear industry infrastructure and supporting the deployment of new nuclear generation assets, including small modular reactors," said Mike Little, DEI CEO. "Our diversified suite of power plant services uniquely complements Allied and RSCS's existing capabilities and creates an industry-leading group of companies providing safe and cost-effective services to the nuclear industry. The added scale and offerings will provide our employees and customers with significant long-term opportunities, and we are excited to partner with the Allied and Bernhard teams."

"We are in the middle of a nuclear energy renaissance that requires increasingly specialized expertise and innovative solutions to meet today's energy demands and support long-term national energy security and the energy transition," said Mark Spender, a partner of Bernhard Capital. "The combination of DEI with Allied and RSCS creates a leading platform delivering safe, mission-critical and cost-effective services and technology for a diverse and growing base of operator and power generation clients."

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