Spent fuel managment position open at the IAEA

February 14, 2023, 12:00PMANS Nuclear Cafe

The United States is supporting a junior professional officer (JPO) position in the International Atomic Energy Association to work on spent nuclear fuel management. The role is for an associate project officer-spent fuel management, who will be based in Vienna, Austria, and work under the direct supervision of the technical leader of the spent fuel management team in the Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology.

About the role: The JPO program offers U.S. citizens the opportunity to temporarily work for the IAEA in an international environment and gain specialized skills they can bring back to the U.S. Assignments typically last two years and are designed for early-career candidates (32 years old and younger). All JPO positions are directly supervised by a scientific professional in either a scientific, technical or administrative field.

The selected candidate would work on spent nuclear fuel management, storage, recycling, and transportation, including in relation to advanced reactors, and will cooperate with relevant staff in the IAEA's Department of Nuclear Safety, Department of Technical Cooperation, and Department of Nuclear Energy.

Duties of the role:

  • Developing professional competence and working as a collaborator and a team member.
  • Gathering materials and information on spent nuclear fuel management and related storage facilities or transportation system, as well as backend fuel cycle strategies to capture experiences from mature nuclear programs in support of countries in the process of developing their national fuel cycle strategies. These materials will be disseminated to Member States though the different IAEA tools such as Webinars, publications, and e-Learnings.
  • Assist the nuclear power reactor fuel and fuel cycle facilities team in various programmatic activities. These may include the finalization of relevant publications and the development of e-Learning materials on nuclear fuel engineering, fabrication and operation behavior, as well as the nuclear fuel cycle facilities information system (NFCIS).

Candidate info: The ideal candidate will have at least two years of experience in either spent nuclear fuel management, assessment of spent nuclear fuel performance in storage systems/facilities and/or transportation, and/or spent nuclear fuel reprocessing and recycling.

A university degree in nuclear engineering, chemistry, physics, materials science or other scientific related field is required. A master’s degree would be an asset.

Other professional opportunities: IAEA has noted that it offers a range of employment opportunities, including challenging assignments in a stimulating multicultural workplace. As international civil servants, staff members engage with current issues of global peace, security, and development.