DOE issues final RFPs for Portsmouth, Paducah contracts

May 31, 2022, 3:00PMRadwaste Solutions

The Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management (EM) last week began accepting bids for the contract to manage the Portsmouth site in Ohio and Paducah site in Kentucky, where the former uranium enrichment plants are being decommissioned and remediated.

The final request for proposals for the Portsmouth Paducah Project Office’s Operations and Site Mission Support (OSMS) contract were issued by EM on March 25. The new contract, which has an estimated value of $2.9 billion over the 10-year performance period, will replace an existing contract currently held by Mid-America Conversion Services.

OSMS contract: EM said that consolidating into a single contract the operations and site mission support for both the Portsmouth and Paducah sites will be beneficial for the continuity of the bargaining and nonbargaining workforces. With the expectation of continued stable funding for each site, EM anticipates that the workforce will remain stable with the new OSMS contractor, along with the continuance of retirement plans and other comparable benefits.

Mission support operations, which historically have been performed under the Portsmouth decontamination and decommissioning and Paducah deactivation and remediation contracts--and include utilities, emergency management, uranium transfers, and nuclear material control and accountability--will transfer to the OSMS contract. These activities better align with the OSMS scope, given that the DUF6 operations lifecycle extends beyond both Portsmouth’s decontamination and decommissioning and Paducah’s deactivation and remediation completion.

EM will continue to procure separate contracts at each site to focus on the D&D and D&R of the gaseous diffusion plant buildings.

Portsmouth D&D contract: Separately, EM also issued on March 25 a final RFP for a new D&D contract for the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, which is being awarded under the DOE’s new end-state contracting model and will have a maximum value of up to $5.87 billion over a 10-year ordering period. The new D&D contract will replace the one currently held by Fluor–BWXT Portsmouth.

Work to be performed under the new Portsmouth D&D contract will include but not be limited to the demolition and disposal of gaseous diffusion plant facilities, process equipment, related process buildings, and other ancillary facilities. The contract also includes the remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater and disposition of uranium material.

EM’s selection process for this procurement focuses the evaluation of offers on key personnel, past performance, management approach, and cost and fee/profit to support a qualifications-based selection that represents the best value to the government.

Both the OSMS and Portsmouth D&D contracts are intended to promote contractor community commitment and engagement, with the inclusion of site reindustrialization efforts by the local community. The new contractors will be required to submit a community commitment plan to the DOE, as well as provide for a 5 percent preference for the award of subcontracts to regional small businesses.

All information, documents, and related links on the OSMS procurement will be posted on a dedicated EM Consolidated Business Center web page. The final RFP will also be posted to the FedConnect website.

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