TVA and OPG form partnership to develop and deploy SMRs

April 21, 2022, 9:30AMNuclear News

The Tennessee Valley Authority and Ontario Power Generation announced on April 19 that they have formed a partnership to develop and deploy advanced nuclear technology as part of their broader efforts to work toward clean energy. According to the agreement, the companies will coordinate their activities in designing, licensing, constructing, and operating small modular reactors.

Similar histories and missions: The partnership builds on the similar histories and missions of TVA and OPG. Both companies were founded on public power models that developed from hydroelectric generation, and nuclear was later added to their generation mix. Nuclear power now accounts for significant portions of their energy portfolios. The new collaboration is expected to help both companies reduce the risks associated with developing and deploying innovative clean energy technologies.

SMR technologies: TVA and OPG have both been pursuing SMR technologies. TVA holds an early site permit from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for an SMR at its Clinch River site in Tennessee. OPG is planning to deploy an SMR at its Darlington nuclear facility, the only site in Canada that has been licensed for new nuclear with an accepted environmental assessment.

Win-win: Jeff Lyash, president and chief executive officer of TVA, summarized the significance of the partnership. “It’s a win-win agreement that benefits all of those served by both OPG and TVA, as well as our nations,” he said. “Moving this technology forward is not only a significant step in advancing a clean energy future, but also in creating a North American energy hub.”

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