Exelon, EDF ask NY to okay proposed nuclear deal

July 28, 2020, 9:27AMNuclear News

Exelon Generation and Électricitéde France have asked the New York Public Service Commission to approve the transfer of EDF’s 49.99 percent ownership interest in Constellation Energy Nuclear Group (CENG) to Exelon, which owns 50.1 percent. CENG is the owner of New York’s Ginna and Nine Mile Point nuclear plants, as well as Maryland’s Calvert Cliffs.

In a July 23 petition, the companies requested that the commission take one of three actions: issue a declaratory ruling disclaiming jurisdiction over the proposed transfer, issue a finding that the transfer requires no further review under New York Public Service Law (NYPSL) Section 70, or issue an order authorizing the transfer under NYPSL Section 70. Last month, Exelon asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to approve the CENG transaction.

Background: Ginna, located in Ontario, N.Y., houses one 576-MWe pressurized water reactor, while Nine Mile Point, in Scriba, N.Y., is home to two units—a 620-MWe boiling water reactor and a 1,287-MWe BWR. Calvert Cliffs, in Lusby, Md., is also a two-unit plant, with a 907-MWe PWR and an 881-MWe PWR.

CENG was formed in 2009 as a joint venture between Constellation Energy and EDF, with the latter acquiring its minority share for $4.5 billion. Exelon bought Constellation in 2012, and in November 2019, EDF announced its intention to exercise an option to sell its stake in CENG.

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