ANS to honor award recipients at 2021 Winter Meeting

October 5, 2021, 7:00AMANS News

The recipients of ANS awards will be recognized during the 2021 ANS Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C., during the opening plenary and President’s Special Session. The national awards will be presented by President Steven Nesbit and Honors and Awards Committee chair H. M. “Hash” Hashemian.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Medal


Presented to Ernest J. Moniz, of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, for his leadership in promoting the development of clean energy sources and in reducing the worldwide radiological threat through global nonproliferation efforts.

Seaborg Medal


Presented to John C. Browne, of Los Alamos National Laboratory (retired), in recognition of a career of research contributions and institutional management and stewardship as well as his dedication toward the recruitment and development of scientists and engineers.

Milton Levenson Distinguished Service Award


Presented to Robert F. Penn, of Los Alamos National Laboratory, for his untiring and continued support of the mission of nuclear energy and over 45 years of ANS involvement as a leader, an advisor, a hard worker, a friend, and a visionary.

Darlene Schmidt Science News Award


Presented to Caroline Delbert, of Popular Mechanics, for her growing coverage of all things nuclear science and technology with a focus on advanced reactor designs, fusion energy, nuclear space technology, and non-energy applications of nuclear technology and radiation. Delbert’s writing explains nuclear technology concepts and developments in clear language to the general public.

Alvin M. Weinberg Medal


Presented to Kenneth L. Peddicord, of Texas A&M University, for nearly 50 years of contributions to major advances in nuclear technology and education, while providing innovative international experiences to students.

E. Gail de Planque Medal


Presented to Sara A. Pozzi, of the University of Michigan, in recognition of her sustained, significant scientific contributions to nuclear nonproliferation and security through a combination of detection system advancement and multi-institutional leadership.


Mary Jane Oestmann Professional Women’s Achievement Award

Presented to Madeline A. Feltus, of the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy, in recognition of her outstanding personal dedication, leadership, and technical achievements in the fields of nuclear science, engineering, research, and education.


Also presented to Raluca O. Scarlat, of the University of California–Berkeley, in recognition of her technical leadership in advancing the knowledge base of high-temperature molten salts and their application to advanced nuclear reactors and in developing a molten salt reactor curriculum.

Social Responsibility in the Nuclear Community Award

Presented to the Tennessee-85 students, in recognition of the outstanding leadership provided by these 85 brave, young students in desegregating the first public school system in the southeastern United States in 1955. Also presented to the secretary of energy of the Department of Energy (then the Atomic Energy Commission), for leadership in that desegregation effort.

Landis Public Communication and Education Award


Presented to Joshua L. Vajda, of Amentum Technical Services, for exemplary outreach efforts domestically and internationally to increase public understanding of nuclear careers and to promote the importance of professional licensure.


Also presented to Michael W. McCracken, of Southern Nuclear Operating Company, for exhibiting outstanding communication skills and in recognition of an exceptional ability to inform teachers, K-12 students, and other audiences about nuclear science and technology careers and applications.

Reactor Technology Award


Presented to Mohamed S. El-Genk, of the University of New Mexico, in recognition of extraordinary contributions toward advancing space and micro reactor technologies.

Young Members Advancement Award


Presented to Benjamin Holtzman, of the Nuclear Energy Institute, for service and commitment to ANS young members everywhere.

Young Member Excellence Award


Presented to Harsh S. Desai, of Zeno Power Systems, for advancing the goals of the ANS Young Members Group through exceptional leadership and for remarkable contributions to the Society.

Standards Service Award


Presented to Stanley H. Levinson, PE, Independent Consultant, in recognition of outstanding service to the American Nuclear Society in providing exemplary leadership for more than two decades in establishing sound and universally accepted standards for probabilistic risk assessment, and for notable contributions to the broader effort of introducing risk-informed and performance-based concepts into ANS standards.

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