New ANS professional division officers and Executive Committee members elected

April 23, 2021, 7:01AMANS News

Listed below are the ANS professional divisions’ 2021–2022 officers and newly elected Executive Committee members. All terms begin during the 2021 ANS Virtual Annual Meeting in June. (Executive Committee members whose three-year terms are continuing are not included.)

More information about ANS’s 19 professional divisions and two working groups is available online.

Accelerator Applications Division

  • Lin Shao, vice chair
  • Fredrik Tovesson, secretary
  • Steven A. Coleman, treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: Reginald M. Ronningen, Peter W. A. Brown, Ganapati Myneni, Charles D. Bowman

Aerospace Nuclear Science & Technology Division

  • Richard Howard, secretary
  • Aaron P. Selby, treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: Michael P. Schoenfeld, Matthew A. Krecicki. Tie for third member will be determined by the Executive Committee.

Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences Division

  • Douglas A. Davis, vice chair
  • Leah Spradley Parks, secretary/treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: Richard St. Onge, William J. Szymczak, William R. Roy

Education, Training & Workforce Development Division

  • Travis W. Knight, vice chair
  • Robert “Craig” Williamson, secretary
  • Kyle C. Hartig, treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: Ishita Trivedi, Kostas “Kos” Dovas, Zaijing Sun

Fuel Cycle & Waste Management Division

  • John H. Kessler, vice chair
  • Hatice Akkurt, secretary/treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: Terry Todd, Jenifer Shafer, Ruth F. Weiner, Kathryn A. Mummah, Chris Robinson

Fusion Energy Division

  • Executive Committee members: Sergey Smolentsev, Yuji Hatano, Thomas F. Fuerst

Human Factors, Instrumentation & Controls Division

  • Hyun Gook Kang, 2nd vice chair
  • Ronald L. Boring, secretary
  • Pradeep Ramuhalli, treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: Shannon Eggers, Katrina M. Growth. Tie for student representative will be determined by the Executive Committee.

Isotopes & Radiation Division

  • Kimberly A. Burns, vice chair
  • Robert G. Downing, treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: Erik H. Wilson, Kenan Unlu, Samuel Glover, Padhraic L. Mulligan, Jung H. Rim, Vaibhav Sinha

Materials Science & Technology Division

  • Kenneth J. Geelhood, vice chair
  • Assel Aitkaliyeva, secretary/treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: J. Rory Kennedy, Annabelle Le Coq, Christopher “Topher” Matthews, Djamel Kaoumi, Jonathan G. Gigax, Haiyan Zhao

Mathematics & Computation Division

  • Tara M. Pandya, vice chair
  • Executive Committee members: Brendan Kochunas, Adam G. Nelson, Farzad Rahnema

Nuclear Criticality Safety Division

  • Katherin L. Goluoglu, vice chair
  • Theresa Cutler, secretary
  • Brittany Williamson, treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: Amber McCarthy, Nicholas W. Brown, Joseph A. Christensen, William “Mac” Cook

Nuclear Installations Safety Division

  • Andrew J. Clark, vice chair
  • Executive Committee members: Ronald L. Boring, Eric L. Harvey, Aaron S. Epiney, Casey Sundberg

Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy Division

  • Chloe McMath, vice chair
  • Athena A. Sagadevan, secretary
  • Stefani Buster, treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: Alicia L. Swift, Angela Di Fulvio, William H. Tobey, William A. Boettcher III

Operations & Power Division

  • Garry G. Young, 2nd vice chair
  • Ben Holtzman, treasurer
  • Keith Drudy, secretary
  • Executive Committee members: Sarah Camba Lynn, Daniel L. Churchman, Temi Adeyeye, Craig Stover, James W. Behrens

Radiation Protection & Shielding Division

  • David A. Dixon, vice chair
  • Alexander Barzilov, secretary
  • Joel Kulesza, treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: Irina Popova, Shaheen A. Dewji, Amir A. Bahadori, Zachary M. Weis, Andrew R. Rosenstrom (student)

Reactor Physics Division

  • Matthew A. Jessee, vice chair
  • Shane G. Stimpson, secretary
  • Christopher M. Perfetti, treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: Jason Hou, Andrew Osborne, Steven J. Douglass, Ville Valtavirta, Sterling M. Harper

Robotics & Remote Systems Division

  • Adam J. Carroll, secretary
  • Anthony Abrahao, treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: William “Chris” Eason, Rustam Alexander, George Stolkin, Sungmoon Joo

Thermal Hydraulics Division

  • Bao-Wen Yang, vice chair
  • Annalisa Manera, secretary
  • Igor A. Bolotnov, treasurer
  • Executive Committee members: W. David Pointer, Xiaodong Sun, Dillon R. Shaver, Hyoung Kyu Cho, Musa Moussaoui

Young Members Group

  • Kelsey Amundson, vice chair
  • Sarah C. Lynn, treasurer
  • Matt Wargon, secretary
  • Executive Committee member: Ishita Trivedi