Venture formed to build microreactor at Canada’s Chalk River Laboratories

June 11, 2020, 2:06PMNuclear News

Global First Power (GFP), Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC), and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) have announced the formation of a joint venture to construct, own, and operate USNC’s Micro Modular Reactor (MMR) at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ Chalk River Laboratories site in Ontario. The venture, known as the Global First Power Limited Partnership, is owned equally by OPG and USNC-Power, the Canadian subsidiary of USNC.

Ottawa-based GFP will act on behalf of the partnership to oversee the proposed project and provide project development, licensing, construction, and operation, according to a June 9 press release from the three companies. The project will serve as a model for potential future MMR projects across Canada to provide power and heat to industries, such as mining, and to remote communities, the companies said.

The 15-MWt, 5-MWe MMR project is currently undergoing an environmental assessment.

What they’re saying: "The backing of OPG, combined with USNC’s advanced reactor and fuel designs, will allow us to continue to lead the way in delivering a small-reactor solution in Canada,” said Joe Howieson, GFP’s chief executive officer. “This joint venture is a very important milestone, marking new levels of commitment by an innovator in nuclear power generation technologies and a forward-thinking, major utility.”

Francesco Venneri, USNC’s CEO, said, “While there are many small reactor companies boasting about the progress they’re making, no other organization is closer to constructing a microreactor in Canada than we are. Through this joint venture, we’re committed to proving how viable, safe, and valuable our MMR technology is to Canada and to the rest of the world.”

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