Kray signs MOU on future collaboration with NAYGN, NEI, and WIN

June 9, 2020, 11:12AMANS News


American Nuclear Society President Marilyn Kray announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with other key nuclear organizations today during the President’s Special Session of the Virtual Annual Meeting.

In agreement: Kray signed the MOU along with Amber Von Ruden, president of North American Young Generation in Nuclear; Maria Korsnick, president and chief executive officer of the Nuclear Energy Institute; and Jhansi Kandasamy, chair for U.S. Women in Nuclear. The organizations have agreed to strengthen their collaboration in advancing nuclear energy and science, professional development, and member networking to support industry priorities and benefit their individual members.

Key message: "NAYGN, NEI, WIN, and ANS have worked together in the past,” Kray said as she signed the document. “Each organization is unique, but we share many common goals. This MOU provides us the framework to collaborate even more in the future. It also signals our cooperation to the external stakeholders.”

Specifics: The MOU calls for the organizations to:

Maintain regular and ongoing communication about opportunities for collaboration and support for our members in the commercial, academic, and laboratory areas.

Support collaboration by encouraging the creation of inter-organization objectives at the local and university level, sharing communication strategies, and developing programs to promote networking and professional development for members.

Facilitate opportunities for cross-organizational mentoring and knowledge transfer to enhance technical, professional, and leadership skills.

Support one another’s events, including but not limited to national conferences, webinars, mentoring initiatives, leadership programs, and technical sessions.

From time to time, develop a joint membership communication to keep each organization’s members informed.

Advocate for initiatives that support science, technology, engineering, and math and the promotion of nuclear science, energy, and technology.

Share lessons learned on public outreach, communicating with stakeholders, and keeping members informed and engaged.

Create and foster a policy environment to advance the nuclear industry.

Jointly recognize achievements and award outstanding service to benefit nuclear science, energy, and technology.

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