Supply Chain and Procurement in December Nuclear News

December 13, 2012, 7:00AMANS Nuclear Cafe

The December issue of Nuclear News magazine is available in hard copy and electronically for American Nuclear Society members (click 'ANS Members' or 'Subscribers' in left column).

The December issue contains the special section: "Supply Chain and Procurement" with feature articles:

  • Nuclear industry equipment supply, by Greg Keller
  • Preparing new companies to join Britain's nuclear supply chain, by Dick Kovan
  • Jerry Schlessel: Obtaining and maintaining old equipment, interview by Michael McQueen

This issue also features a special report: "Continuing resolution passed in lieu of 2013 budget" on risks to nuclear from possible federal sequestration cuts.

Other news in this issue: Power reactors safe, productive through onslaught of "superstorm" Sandy; NRC finds Shoreline Fault no danger to Diablo Canyon; NRC denies petition to block San Onofre restart; Renaissance Watch: An update on developments that may lead to new power reactors; NRC seeks more flood response data from Exelon after Dresden walkdown; Two more amendments granted for Vogtle-3 and -4; Russia objects to renewal of Cooperative Threat Reduction program; B&W takes over security responsibility at Y-12; Hitachi to take over Horizon Nuclear, with plans to build ABWRs in the United Kingdom; E.ON to sell its share of Finland's Fennovoima; Canada's Point Lepreau cleared to resume power operation; Areva challenges its disqualification from bidding on new reactors at the Czech Republic's Temelin site; Panel to monitor Tokyo Electric Power Company reforms starts work; France's Nuclear Policy Council states intent to reduce nuclear electricity share from 75 percent now to 50 percent by 2025; United Arab Emirates issues civil nuclear liability law; China Experimental Fast Reactor found to be fully operational; NRC opens waste confidence rule process to public comments; Zion decommissioning said to be on track; NRC seeks ANS standard for fuel cycle integrated safety analysis; Queensland lifts uranium mining ban; NRC goes ahead with pilot second phase of cancer risk study; ANSI/ANS standards approved... And there is much more.

Don't go a month without your Nuclear News!


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