Deadline extended for Project Pele EIS

April 16, 2020, 2:05PMNuclear News

The Department of Defense extended the comment period on the scope of an environmental impact statement for the construction and demonstration of a prototype mobile microreactor through April 30. The public comment opportunity opened on March 2 and was initially set to close on April 1.

What’s the plan? The Strategic Capabilities Office is leading Project Pele for the DOD, with the goal of developing a prototype advanced mobile nuclear microreactor to support the DOD’s domestic, operational, and civilian aid energy needs. A qualifying microreactor would fit inside a standard shipping container and would be ready to generate power within a few days of arriving at a destination. BWX Technologies, Westinghouse Government Services, and X-energy have received grants under Project Pele to fund engineering design work for potential designs. Demonstration would follow 24 months of engineering and review.

Other stakeholders: The DOD is collaborating with the Department of Energy, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and industry partners. Idaho National Laboratory has been named as a potential host for a Project Pele demonstration.

Need to know: Comments can be sent by email to, or by mail to OSD Strategic Capabilities Office, Attn: Prototype Microreactor EIS Comments, 675 N. Randolph St., Arlington, VA 22203-2114. More information is available at

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