74th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers

October 16, 2011, 4:13PMANS Nuclear Cafe

This post is the collective voice of the best pro-nuclear blogs in North America. If you want to hear the voice of the nuclear renaissance, the Carnival of Nuclear Energy Blogs is where to find it.

Past editions have been hosted at Yes Vermont Yankee, NuclearGreen, Deregulate the Atom, Atomic Power Review, Canadian Energy Issues, Idaho Samizdat, and CoolHandNuke, as well as several other popular nuclear energy blogs.

The publication of the Carnival each week is part of a commitment by the leading pro-nuclear bloggers in North America that we will speak with a collective voice on the issue of the value of nuclear energy. While we each have our own point of view, we agree that the promise of peaceful uses of the atom remains viable in our own time and for the future.

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74th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers

Gail Marcus - Nuke Power Talk

Gail Marcus writes about one unanticipated consequence of the post-Fukushima monitoring for radiation hot spots--the discovery of some radium-226 for luminous paint that had been stored beneath the floorboards of a house in Tokyo.  She writes that the story hits somewhat close to home for her, because the house was in the section of Tokyo in which she lived about 12 years ago.

Suzy Hobbs - PopAtomic Studios

ANS Nuclear Cafe "The Pro-Nuclear Community goes Grassroots"

Suzy Hobbs Baker invites you to learn about, and spread the word about, the White House "We the People" nuclear-supporting petitions, and why you should!  Members of the public are taking independent action to support the technology they believe in.

Will Davis -  Atomic Power Review

APR details the process behind one of the most visible steps taken  in the recovery from the Fukushima Daiichi accident: The enclosing of the reactor buildings.

Meredith Angwin - Yes Vermont Yankee

Seminar at Dartmouth: If Vermont Yankee had an accident like Fukushima. If Vermont Yankee had an accident like Fukushima, what would happen? Dr. Swartz, an M.D. and Ph.D., professor at Dartmouth, specialist in dose measurement, answers the question in this seminar.  Any dose received by the population would be far below the danger level, but the "worried well" would not believe reassurances from official sources.

Dan Yurman,- Idaho Samizdat

Stephanie Cooke, a nuclear energy industry analyst, takes a decidedly anti-nuclear stance in her OP ED in the New York Times Oct 10. This blog post refutes some of her arguments.

Dan Yurman - Coolhandnuke

My unscripted conversation with Chairman Jaczko took place at the NRC Oct 4. He came prepared which was a strong signal of his interest in constructive dialog. I had the opportunity to pitch more than 50 questions to Gregory Jaczko, the Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, in a fast paced online, 90-minute webinar.

Cheryl Rofer - Nuclear Diner

Another blogger for nuclear energy ~ Nuclear Diner is a place for discussing all aspects of nuclear energy from all points of view. Civilian power reactors, nuclear weapons, their uses and dangers; the daily news and opinion on such matters, and, occasionally, a bit of humor, all will be found at the Diner.

Rod Adams - Atomic Insights

95% disagree with "Beyond Nuclear". Let's make it 99% - On October 8, 2011, the Berkeley Patch, a New Jersey based journal that regularly posts negative stories about Oyster Creek, featured an article titled "Petitioners to NRC: Shut Down All Fukushima-Like Nuclear Plants."

The article is a diatribe that quotes people on the short list of frequently quoted antinuclear activists. The author faithfully reproduces some of their best attempts to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt using untruths about the actual events at Fukushima in their effort to shut down Oyster Creek.

The article features a poll. The author is probably disappointed because voters are not buying the FUD - 95% of the responders think that Oyster Creek should keep on operating.

Brian Wang - Next Big Future

Thorium power start-up

Summary of the Introduction to Flibe energy presentation. Flibe energy is working towards a liquid fluoride thorium reactor. Flibe Energy will initially design, develop and demonstrate a small modular liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (SM-LFTR) for the US military.

* Desired first demonstration at a military site to be determined.

* Design power level of 20-50 MWe.

China's nuclear energy program

Chinas nuclear program continues and even the completion of nuclear plants already under construction will increase China's nuclear power to about 45GWe.

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