Congress receives NRC report on unusual events

May 6, 2024, 9:30AMNuclear News

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has published its annual report to Congress for fiscal year 2023 on abnormal occurrences involving medical and industrial uses of radioactive material.

The report, which was announced by the NRC on May 3, is available on the NRC website.

The events: Eleven abnormal occurrences were identified in the report, seven of which were medical events, such as misadministration of radioactive material during diagnostic procedures or the treatment of an illness. Three other events involved the theft or diversion and recovery of Category 2 radioactive material sources, as defined in 10 CFR Part 37. The remaining event involved an unplanned dose to a fetus.

No events at commercial nuclear power plants in FY 2023 met the criteria for an abnormal occurrence, the NRC noted.

What is it? The NRC defines an abnormal occurrence as an unscheduled incident or event that it determines to be significant from the standpoint of public health or safety.

The FY 2023 report did not identify any event that met the guidelines for inclusion as “other events of interest,” according to the agency. Also included in the publication is an update to an FY 2022 abnormal occurrence at the Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada in Las Vegas.

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