Duke Energy cuts jobs, refocuses on clean energy

January 26, 2024, 12:03PMANS Nuclear Cafe
Duke Energy Center (tall silver building at right) in Charlotte, N.C. (Photo: Duke Energy)

Duke Energy has confirmed “limited” layoffs across its territories as part of a company reorganization focused on clean energy.

In a statement, the company said, “Duke Energy is entering the next phase of its clean energy transition, which calls for a transformative expansion and modernization of our clean energy grid. . . . . We are reorganizing for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.”

Duke operates in the Carolinas, and its fleet of 11 nuclear reactors generates about 10,700 megawatts, which is about half of the electricity in those states. The company also cut a few hundred jobs early last year. Duke has not indicated how many of its 28,000 employees would be impacted in this most recent layoff or in which sectors cuts would occur.

What’s next: The company set a goal of net-zero methane emissions from its natural gas business by 2030, and it plans to exit coal by 2035.

Duke has laid out plans to invest $145 billion in the coming decade to strengthen critical energy infrastructure. This includes funding to extend the life of Duke’s nuclear fleet, though the timing of investments will depend on regulatory approvals.

The company also plans to invest in new technologies such as advanced nuclear.

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