New fictional novel about nuclear available for review

June 14, 2023, 12:00PMANS Nuclear Cafe

The nuclear advocacy group Atomic Garage Movement is looking for reviewers for its soon-to-be-published book Chain Reaction.

Interested in reviewing? Sign up on the Atomic Garage Movement’s website. Review copies will be sent in July.

What’s it about? The year is 2027. Amy Austin, a 19-year-old science polymath faces off with Josh Manning, an Academy Award–winning actor and world-renowned environmentalist, in a debate over the fate of an old nuclear power plant—referred to by locals as “The Rock”—in Amy’s state of Michigan.

The debate gets heated and goes beyond the fate of one nuclear plant until the battle of wits converges on a single question: What is the vision of an ideal future for Earth? Amy’s and Josh’s answers to that question aren’t that different. They ring true. When all the news is dark, pessimistic, and apocalyptic, it’s the first time in a long time anyone has captured the imaginations and hearts of the public.

In addition, Amy is working on her own advanced micro nuclear reactor—a device that is 30 years ahead of current technology. The debate combined with the incredible safety and capability of Amy’s reactor triggers a series of events—a chain reaction—that ripples throughout the world. As an ecoterrorist group manipulated by powerful global players moves against Amy, there is no going back. It’s now or never in a race to save the planet.

The process: The 500-page manuscript will be available for review in early July 2023. Reviewers will have six weeks to read the story and offer comments. According to the Atomic Garage Movement website, it's about a 6.5-hour time commitment, assuming a reading pace of 300 words per minute. It will take about another 30 minutes to offer feedback.

As a condition of reviewing, volunteers must agree not to share the print or PDF versions with another party without the Atomic Garage Movement’s approval.

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