DOE-EM seeks candidates for cleanup advisory board

April 20, 2023, 7:00AMRadwaste Solutions

The Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management has put out the call for interested members of the public to fill vacancies on its Environmental Management Advisory Board (EMAB), which provides independent and external advice and recommendations to the DOE-EM assistant secretary on corporate issues.

Governed by the Federal Advisory Committee Act, which ensures that the public has access to advisory board deliberations and recommendations, the EMAB works to identify applicable private- and public-sector best management practices and provides counsel on how to integrate them into the DOE-EM program.

The board also provides strategic management advice on where and how to focus the program’s resources to achieve maximum impact and greatest risk reduction.

Who can apply: EMAB membership includes individuals from governmental and nongovernmental entities, private industry, and scientific and academic communities. Members are sought in all professional fields related to DOE-EM legacy waste cleanup programs, and specifically groundwater and soil remediation.

Members are appointed for two-year terms. The board typically meets twice a year in person and as needed virtually. Members serve on an uncompensated, volunteer basis. However, committee members are paid travel and per diem for each meeting that requires travel.

How to apply: Membership appointments are made by the secretary of energy. Interested candidates must submit their resume and biography along with any letters of support to by May 15, 2023. For additional information about EMAB can be found here.

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